Out in the Open

by ilcorago


Bringing Philadelphia’s LGBT History Out in the Open

Tom_and_JamineFirst, I apologize for neglecting this Gayborhood history blog for most of May and June, but I was busy putting together an exhibit about the amazing LGBT Archives at the William Way LGBT Community Center. (Without the support of the artifacts and extensive research materials at the Archives, this blog would not be possible.)

The exhibit, called “Private Lives in Public Spaces: Bringing Philadelphia’s LGBT History Out in the Open,”  is at the Philadelphia History Museum at the Atwater Kent at 15 S. 7th Street near Market. This may be the first significant LGBT exhibit in a mainstream venue in Philadelphia, so it’s a milestone for the community. I was lucky to work on this project with the wonderful WWCC Director of Services, Candice Thompson; talented designer Zach Mosley; and the insanely creative Emmett Ramstad.

“Private Lives” will run until the end of October, 2013. Don’t miss it. There’s more information on the WWCC website here.