The Philadelphia LGBT Mapping Project Google Map

by ilcorago

For all of you who are interested in Philadelphia’s LGBT history and culture in the Gayborhood and beyond, I’ve added a new Google map with over 700 locations for you to explore. They go from the 18th century to today and cover the greater Philadelphia area from Atlantic City in the east to Downingtown in the west, from Cape May in the south to Stroudsburg in the north.

Take a minute to read the instructions, then explore the map site in a new window by clicking on the this screen shot:

Mapping Project

• Zoom in and out using the + and – box and click, hold and drag anywhere on the map to move from one place to another.

•Click on the magnifying glass in the Map Legend on the left to search for particular places, events or people.

• Click any pink triange to open a window about that site in the Map Legend.

• Click again on the photo to see a slideshow of more photos.

• Click the down arrow in the Map Legend to get more information about my sources.

Have fun exploring the Philadelphia area’s amazing LGBT story!